Vivologica automatiserar forskningsadministration och organiserar det totala administrationsbehovet i preklinisk fas genom att digitalisera regelefterlevnaden inom journalhantering.
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Automating Research Compliance.

VivoLogica is a digital platform for medical research institutions. Increasingly strict medical research legislation forces researchers to report detailed data collections to be compliant. VivoLogica automates this process by providing a digital journal system for animal research saving time by automatically making sure that animal health is compliant with EU directives. By automatically calculate dosing, generate reports and statistics during and after the project we help you to save time for value-creating research to save lives.

A Short introduction

Watch a short introduction of VivoLogica by our CEO and Co-founder, Alexander Sologub.


Lifetimes are spent on compliance

Recent EU-regulations demands medical researchers to report detailed data collections in personal journals for each animal used. The process of meeting these legal requirements is today both manual and time consuming and literal lifetimes of hours are wasted each year just so that organizations are compliant. This time and resources could instead be used for value creating research to save lives.


Digital platform for reporting & analytics

VivoLogica is a software platform for the management of laboratory research institutions. It integrates all compliance and operational processes and gives the researchers the data output needed to get complete statistical control over both welfare and research data to fulfil EU-regulations. The software can also aid in tracking all events on an individual or group basis and be customized for specific needs.

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Kajsa Wiklund

Head of Business Development

Sara Mangsbo


Alexander Sologub


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Magnus Sean Clarke

Head of Global Sales

Marcus Dahn

Fullstack Developer